Nervous system (day hospitalization)

Specialized management of nervous system disorders in SSR aims to treat people with central and / or peripheral nervous system disorders, resulting in dependence and exposing to complications directly or indirectly related to the neurological condition whether as a result of a hospitalization in short stay or from home in the context of the follow-up of neurological affections.

In-patient care during the day may be considered when the environment and autonomy allow it, in conjunction with the attending physician, upstream services or medico-social services. The program and frequency of care is usually defined after a pre-admission consultation. Main pathologies taken care of (or specialties): - stroke with multiple deficits, with or without language disorders - Cranial trauma with sequelae - Medullary lesions - Surgery suites for aneurysm or cerebral hematoma - Suites of spine surgery - Multiple sclerosis and demyelinating diseases - Peripheral neuropathies, polyneuritis and polyradiculoneuritis - Polyneuropathies and polyradiculopathies of prolonged or chronic evolution - Neuromuscular disorders, myopathies and orphan diseases - Resuscitation neuromyopathies - Systemic degenerative pathologies (Parkinson's, extra-pyramidal syndromes etc ...) - Loss of function after an acute episode or intercurrent complication - Infectious or inflammatory pathologies (meningitis, encephalitis ...) with favorable evolution. - Brain tumors with functional motor function - Hydrocephalus, after diversion or other specific treatment, or with neurological deficits - Polyhandicaps during acute intercurrent illness or surgical intervention - Neurological sequelae, whatever their origin. - MS (multiple sclerosis) Rehabilitation is supervised by a neurologist. Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, adaptive physical activity educator, neuro-psychologist, speech therapist, psychomotor therapist, dietician, intervene during your hospitalization.

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