Geriatrics (day hospitalization)

Geriatric medicine practiced in SRH is concerned with the physical, mental, functional and social conditions of elderly patients, particularly during acute or chronic care, rehabilitation and prevention. The orientation of a patient for specialized geriatric SSR management is linked to the complexity of his state of health. This complexity is characterized by fragility, polypathology, particular risks of decompensation, physical dependence and / or cognitive disorders and / or psychosocial problems.

Main pathologies taken care of (or specialties):

- falls and gait disturbances

- fragility linked to psycho-social conditions

- disabling pathology or loss of autonomy

- post-fall syndrome

- coronary artery disease and myocardial infarction, post coronary surgery, bypass surgery, heart failure, vascular surgery suites

- loss of autonomy, balance disorders

- behavioral disorders that do not belong to a geriatric psychiatric unit

- Respiratory, metabolic, gastrointestinal complications of prolonged bed rest

- specialized care for rehabilitation and lifestyle reorganization

- factors of fragility (malnutrition, sensory deficits, depression ...)

Rehabilitation is supervised by a geriatric doctor. A cardiologist can monitor cardiovascular diseases.

Physiotherapists, occupational therapists, adaptive physical activity educator, psychologist, speech therapist, psychomotor therapist, dietician, intervene during your hospitalization.

Specific actions can be carried out regarding nutrition and nutritional rehabilitation. The return home is organized in collaboration with families, non-hospital referrals and the social worker in case of need. Any other orientation is part of the therapeutic project or its adaptation during the stay.

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