Check-up and Evaluation (CLINALLIANCE Sport)

As part of CLINALLIANCE SPORT, we offer a "Check-up and Evaluation" program.

Complete evaluation on a morning according to your needs.

The assessment begins with a complete medical examination.

With our sports doctor : analysis of antecedents, podiatry and postural assessment, gait analysis, spinal assessment, osteo-articular and muscular assessment. On request, with our cardiologist doctor: cardiovascular assessment, electrocardiogram. VO2 max and ultrasound possible on request.

From this comprehensive review, there are 2 targeted evaluations:

  • physiotherapy assessment : balance of the articular amplitudes and muscular assessment, upper and lower limbs.
  • dietary balance: weight, percentage of body fat, balance sheet, hydration, advice. An advanced questionnaire will be completed and returned to us before your arrival.

All these examinations are decrypted by the doctor during the synthesis report. Areas for improvement are proposed and advice is given to the athlete. More information on our dedicated website: CLINALLIANCE SPORT Check-up

More information about your admission and hospitalization :